RegLab Operating Model

Operating Model

RegLab creates legislation in step with the pace of innovation according to the following operating model.

1. Search

Here we create the right environment and context for connecting with innovators who are interested in legislation for the emerging technology application they are working on. We do this through creating physical experimentation corridors (physical platforms that allow the testing of future focused technologies as well as the business models they create), granting Cabinet approval of experimental licenses and reaching out to the global community.

2. Start

Under start, we are looking for the emerging technologies that require regulation.  Our partner The Dubai Future Foundation invites innovators from within the global community to apply with specific projects that they would like regulation breaks for. These projects are evaluated according to the results of the experiment, the experimenter, as well the potential impact. Projects that pass evaluation will receive a 6-12 month license to test the technologies, business models and societal models enabled by the emerging technologies. 

3. Scale

Finally, we move towards creating new regulations. We synthesize our learning from the testing phase before turning this learning into new regulations that serve all innovators. We also create systems to measure, monitor and enforce the new regulations to ensure that they translate into real impact and powerful new models for technology, business and society.