Legislation and
Regulation Process

If you are looking to test a technology in a real-life environment and help making its use a reality in the United Arab Emirates, apply here and be part of shaping the future government



Submit the project application through the Regulation Lab website and attach all required documentation


Research and Analysis

The project application will be assessed by a specialized committee within the Regulation Lab based on certain criteria and propose recommendations (if needed) accordingly

The committee will propose the rules and regulations for the temporary legislation of the project

Submit a memorandum to the UAE Cabinet to seek approval on the temporary legislation


License issuing

Temporary license is issued

Identify the roles of the different stakeholders (Government Entities, private sector, etc.) during the implementation testing phase


Implementation testing phase

Submit a preliminary draft of the proposed legislation to the Regulation Lab, including conditions, controls, obligations and other relevant provisions

The licensee is expected to supervise the project’s license implementation and ensure it is in accordance with the approved temporary license

Notify the Regulation Lab in the event of any irregularities or the need to extend the license

Submit monthly reports to the Regulation Lab on the progress of the project


Legislation issuing

Form a specialized committee consisting of Government entities, the private sector and any concerned stakeholders to draft the legislation

Draft the final legislation to be submitted to UAE Cabinet for final approval

Application Form

What is the next emerging technology that require regulations and quick implementation in the United Arab Emirates?
Submit your project to the Regulations Lab

You will be redirected to Dubai Future Foundation challenges platform which hosts the Regulations Lab application